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Cool Duy's 10 Gallon NPT :)

Current FTS:

Hello, I'm a new member here so I think ya'll deserve a little introduction. I'm a Sophomore college student at OSU, and I've always been a huge fan of the hobby. I think my dad is to blame for that. He taught me betta breeding when I was younger, and during my high school years I had two planted aquariums of my own. Sadly, they were abandoned once I moved away for college. It's been two years since then, and I've recently re-discovered my passion for planted aquaria and decided to start a small 10G tank.

Plan: Dry Start Method for ~ 1-2 month(s) then flood once root system is established.

Livestock: Clown killifish w/ RCS.
*My hope is that the clown killies will breed and the RCS won't eat the fertilized eggs. Can anyone confirm this to be possible for me?

Plants: Mostly undecided. But so far there's:
- C. Parva (or what I believe is it, was labeled
assorted asian crypts" at local petco.) If possible can someone confirm?

-Ludwigia repens (Same situation with C. Parva, ID?)

-Java fern. I found a piece of hardened clay at the beach once, and when we had a bonfire we threw it into the embers; it baked the clay a nice deep red with awesome cracks and texture. It was awesome, so I attached it to the fern as a base.

The tank has only been set-up today, and there is a massive shortage of plants. I'm waiting to find a nice sale package or better yet, a RAOK, from a member here because you all have such nice quality tanks and plants . If anyone has such a kind offer and hooks me up for some more plants at a budget, PM me and let's be friends!

Miracle Grow Organic capped with Petco black sand.

12 DIY LED kit from (super fast shipping, suprised me).

2x Blue, 2x Red, 2x Cyan(Green) 6x White. I tried to complete the light spectrum. Can someone comment if this is unnecessary or not, because the light blends to a bright violet white, and if it's unnecessary I'll switch more white in the array.

DIY 8" tall stand just because.



I hope I didn't bore you. Please critique and comment, I find it a joy to read every comment.

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