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I prefer the anticipation, the journey not the destination, the build up, etc. Maybe because my end results usually suck but that's another thing. Anyways, just waiting on my sump now. I've planned the aquascape and mostly gonna work with my intuition on planting day.

I'm set on doing cheap RCS since I got an overflow and don't want to worry about expensive shrimp. So that leaves me to picking a schooling tetra that won't color clash with my shrimp and plants. Doing research now and hopefully updating my site with fresh content. Got to keep the dream alive.

I'm still contemplating on what to do with my eheim aquastyles, ADA Mini M and Schuber Wright tank. And not to mention my fluval tanks. Decisions, decisions, what to do....

Got the Finnex Ray II DS 7000k/7000k LEDs. This thing is nice and sweet.

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