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Originally Posted by puopg View Post
Get KH2PO4, KNO3, CSM+B, and GH Booster if your tap is soft. CO2 is going to be your limiting factor if you don't use any. Seriously, CO2 is the hardest thing in this hobby. It is worth it to invest in a good regulator setup if you plan to be in the hobby for a long time. You can also use excel, though some plants are sensitive to it like hornwort. DIY can work, but it's unstable and a lot of work to maintain stable. You will probably induce unwanted algae with the instability. KH and GH, I would ask for a water quality report, or maybe use some sort of test kit. Typically aren't that accurate but it can give you a general idea.

Without CO2, the rate of plant growth is going to be significantly reduced. This makes it harder for your plants to outcompete the algae and you have a higher chance of inducing algae. Additionally, it limits the species that you can grow as many more difficut and unique species require CO2 and an acidic environment...or at least do better in them. CO2 will lower the pH of your water FYI.
Alright, my pH is around 7.6-7.8 and from what I've read Dwarf Grass does best in a little lower pH, so I'll add in some RO water which I've read will lower my pH. After doing some research I've decided I'm going to try DIY CO2. I'll find a balance between RO and CO2 for lowering my pH. I ordered the dry fert pack from which is Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate and Plantex CSM+B. I'll order my plants in a few days after giving my filter and water a chance to settle. Thanks guys for the info.
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