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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Any up close shots of the shrimp?
I haven't gotten any good ones, but then I really haven't tried too hard. I'll try to get some soon.

I'm not really sure I know how orange these should be. The breeding female looks really nice and solid pumpkin, some are just a bit lighter. I think some of them are just young to be fully colored.

I have two that I think are males that are more tangerine. One looks too close to a RCS for my taste on a pumpkin, and I might cull it. Been thinking about setting up a simple bowl for plant cuttings and shrimp culling. (I see the path back to multiple tanks in my mind. Trying to stay off of it for a bit )

This tank has turned into quite the gorgeous setup. It's a far cry from the beginning shots you shared in October.
Thanks. I like it, but I also see room for it to improve. Still some filling in that needs to happen, too.

That's why it's a fun hobby, though. Always something to learn/tweak.
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