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Beginner here. I could use your help

I've been researching like crazy for the last 3 days, but I still have some questions when it comes to fertilizers. I have read the EI article and it helped, but I still have some questions.

I was planning on buying Seachem NPK for my macro's and Seachem Flourish for my micros. Is this all I will need or are there other ferts I'll need to successfully grow Dwarf Hair Grass? Here is my other info.

10 Gallon tank
High pH from tap (7.6), I plan on mixing in some RO water to bring to a safe level
No CO2 at the moment, might do a DIY later on.
Eco complete substrate (will this effect my micro levels?)

I have no way to test micro or macro levels, will my tap water/RO water mix have any in it before I go adding any?

Thank you!
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