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1 Gallon Low Tech Collectoritis Tank

I just trimmed down my 1 gallon betta tank. The problem I've been having with the HM is that accidentally pulling up one node will uproot an entire system of HM :/ so the "carpet" looks like it's been turned upside down and inside out... I'm hoping it will settle down again soon T_T

Plants tend to stunt in here... which suits my purposes fairly well...

The nice side of the carpet

The uprooted side D:

Master of the tank

Azolla with curly roots that gets tangled in EVERYTHING

Photos of it starting off...

Oh and the collectoritis list:

rotala najenshan
rotala mini
+3 other rotalas
mayaca fluviatilis
star grass
staurogen repens
pogostemon erectus
elatine triandra
peacock moss
limno mini
giant baby tears
riccia (stray)
+lots of random stray moss
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