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New to planted tanks.

I have had Bettas off and on for the last 8 years.

I have 4 tanks right now, 2 5 gallons and 2 10 gallons. One is a dedicated plant tank, the other have Bettas.

I am an Animal Science major at the University of Tennessee. My fiance and I do fish tanks together, they aren't his passion but he puts up with them because I have them.

We have 3 Betta fish and 1 planted tank.

5 gal - Crown Tail Betta and an Oto Catfish w/ hornwort

5 gal - Regular Betta with a few snails w/hornwort

10 gal - Regular Betta w/hornwort

10 gal - planted tank with several different types of plants. I will put up tank profiles as they come along.

I just started my 10 gal dedicated planted tank yesterday. I have Red Fluorite and Black Diamond Blasting Abrasive as the substrate.
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