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Thank you for the tip! It seems like all the water is a bit more viscous, which may be the tank stabilizing? I'm debating if I want to increase the flow of the filter. The fish and plants seem very happy though. I guess I lucked out by getting fish that prefer still water.

Im glad to report new growth which is encouraging. Surprisingly the java moss isnt growing much if at all. Perhaps outcompeted by the other faster-growing plants?

I also noted that some of the crypt parva is growing laterally, which i remember reading is due to higher lighting. So i guess the BeamsWork light is a good solution to the Fluval Chi's poor lighting for growing plants. At $30 shipped, and the internal filter for <$10, they are not a bad combo for upgrading.

I gave one small (1-32tsp) dose of KNO3 and KH2PO4 yesterday along with a dose of Flourish comprehensive, along with the usual Excel.
I plan on dosing the ferts once a week, the Excel either daily or every other day, and the flourish comp only once in a blue moon, b/c
1. I dont think Ill be changing water too often,
2. Non-CO2, medium lighting, and easy plants,
And 3. I dont want to hurt the fauna.

1. New growth in Microswords
2. New growth in Dwarf Sag & Microswords
3. Crypt Parva growing laterally
4. FTS
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