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Thanks for the compliments! As for the substrate, I'm afraid I can't especially help you there, as when I bought it I was still in the blind buy-this-without-really-looking-at-it-and-throw-it-in phase. If I happen to see the bags at the store again, I will take note! I can tell you that everything behind the driftwood logs is a planting substrate, and everything in front is just medium-grained gravel.

As for the plants, I know I have a bunch of Hygrophila difformis (water wisteria) that grows like crazy and an amazon sword that grows pretty damn slow. As for the other 2 types, I haven't been able to identify them yet, as I didn't look at the label when I put them in (not going to be doing that again!).

@TetraChelle: I used to have black skirt tetras but I decided to switch them out for the rummynose (I have wanted rummynose since forEVER lol).

@FrstTmr: Thanks for the advice, but I don't think I am going to be able to change from a covered tank to the hanging lights. :l My choices are pretty limited to 36" fluorescent tubes.

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