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Big shout-outs to h4n - Excellent Filter Guard!

So I've added Tangerine Tigers to my tank about a week ago. 2 of the females are already berried! The Tangerine Tigers have acclimated well. No deaths and found some molting going on. Just picked up this product called Remineraliz -P by Brightwell to reconstitute RO water for my future PWC's.

Here's some close up shots of my inverts.

With the female Rili showing a saddle as well, it was apparent that I needed to make these Cal Aqua pipes shrimp-proof...

So I did a little diggin' around and found h4n here on TPT that makes some pretty quality looking filter guards... It was cheaper than the Gush filter guards, and specified some pretty impressive materials that it should last...
Here's the description:
SS - T-316 Stainless steel wire mesh ( higher level of corrosion resistance than that offered by T-304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh)

Rubber - Marine grade tubing (wont deteriorate)

Seam - Seam is folded into each other which takes a bit of time to get perfect. Folding the seam won't letting anything get sucked thru the seam part~!!!
Well for $10.50 shipped, I thought this was worth a shot. So the filter guard arrived today with some shrimp spinach tabs (also from h4n)... My initial impression = IMPRESSED!

Here's how it looks on the 13mm pipes:

And the shrimp immediately going after the dried spinach tabs I received with my filter guard
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