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Prefacing this. These pics range from everything from m last update until the most recent of pics.

Now, before anything, since this seems to get more traffic than my other journals, I've gotta ask.....what the hell is this?

I threw it from my 10 into this tank, after I discovered it had been living in my 10 gallon for nearly 2 months.....the tank had used some top soil which would have probably had some earthworm eggs in it, but I would have figured that they would have died or something a long time idk. I thought my rainbow cichlids would eat it but nope...the angels tried but it was too big for them so it ended up slinking down under my substrate, still very much idea what its doing now though.

Full tank shot. Finally starting to look like an actual planted aquarium :P

Tawain Lotus, interesting plant, but keeps getting uprooted so idk how well it will do. However, as can be seen in later pics, I trimed most of it away so that it would stay down better. Could be an interesting little addition.

Japan Red with Wallichi infront. Ignore the R. inundatus since it ultimately got scraped since it did not stay down very well for me. I might try it again in the future though. I will also, probably, replace Wallichi with something that looks very similar at some point, like vietnam or one of those other fine leafed rotala species. Just cause I already have wallichi in my 5.

My blyxa does not look quiet as nice now, since this is when it was brand new, but it took me a while to figure out how to get this thing to stay planted. I ended up putting the plants into some mesh and burying the mesh patch under the substrate. Seems to be working so far, now to just have my blyxa take over that part of the tank :P

What is this? It came with some Anubias petite, but it doesn't look like anubias petite. Any ideas? If I can figure out what it is, I can figure out what to do with it.

BBA sucks, but anubias is nice and everything behind the wood is excellent. I just gotta let the stuff in front thicken up a bit, its just C. parva and H. pinnatifidia. Should look good once that gets going better.

All the Ludwigia...and R. Yao Yai. Yao Yai is doing very well for me, to the point where I should probably trim it back soonish so that it looks in place with the Ludwigia species back here. Pantanal is being a pain, Cuba is starting to get going, and Atlantis and Rubin are both growing in green atm so its hard to tell them apart. I gotta clean the top glass still, and make sure my co2 is going alright.....but the colors these look like they can get seem fantastic. I'm gunna let these guys grow really really REALLY tall, since they are in the back and surrounded by tall wood, with super tall plants on the other side of the tank as well.

Failed attempt at getting HC to grow on my rocks. Going to try something else, maybe bucephalandra or some sort of odd looking moss or maybe even Trident Java Fern or Needle Leaf Java fern. Anyone have any interesting hardscape plant suggestions for these stones?

More of the ludwigia patch. The tiger lotus and mermaid weed are doing pretty well over here, and the lace plants seem to be doing just fine, although somehow there bulbs end up getting uprooted every now and then...but it should look cool once everything starts growing upwards, cause right now it seems super cluttered and condensed since everything is still about a foot shorter than I'd like for this tank :P

This is about a week later, maybe less.

You can see I trimed the tawian down. I guess with being more leaf than root it kept floating around. I also through in my cabomba, since it needed to be trimmed and I had no where else to put it. I kinda like it in this area in this tank though, and I think the green goes well to go against the aromatica and the lagenandra. Especially too since eventually my rose sword will grow larger and have some good color in it, and since I want to get an aflame sword or a blood vomit or something akin to those around this part of the tank as well. A little green is always a nice thing :P

Said Rose Sword. Seems to be growing slowly but doing okay. I'm expecting this to get better with co2.

I threw the R. Bangladesh behind my lefternmost driftwood.....I figure it can grow as tall as it wants there. Also, will make it easier to trim since the bottom of the stems will be hidden, so I can cut and let it stem out as much as I want to without it looking weird.

Blyxa looks a bit more disheveled but its adjusting to my tank and I finally just got it to stay down, as said before. I threw in the Wistera because I had it laying around, but I'm thinking this will be replaced with P. helferi at some point in the future. Whether I let that grow a bit taller or I make it stay short remains to be seen, I'm fine with whichever one it wants to do.

Closer pic of the thing that needs an ID

My senegalensis. I hope it does well now that my co2 is more or less in order. Very pretty plant and I will let this get tall too.

My glandulousa is kinda small for right now, but this is for sure allowed to reach the very top of my tank. If I got make this into 15" tall stems, I'd be a very happy planter :P

Even if its green, Mermaid weed is still very pretty. Why don't we see this plant around more?

Yao Yai like to grow and grow for me....gotta trim it to keep it straight and make it look normal with the rest of these stems lol

R. rotoundifolia. Its going good, should probably trim it to fill it in more, that or see where its sideshoots decide to go and then give it a buzz. It looks nice in the middle here, adds some more green but has enough color to transition between all the reds on the sides.

Gotta love those pearl gouramis. All 6 are doing fine, can't wait for the smaller ones to catch up in size too.

Clearer Angel

Clearer Plants

Both the angels and the plants here are doing well. Gotta get 3 more of these angels if I can, they are really pretty looking things. Going to be AMAZING once they grow to the size my old golds where. My H. corymbosa is also doing fine.

Really hard to get pics of these guys, but I like this one :P

So, this is the most recent batch of pics now. I dosed my tank with GH booster right before taking these pics...and it just so happened that the dry salt landed on my bichirs head.....Charlie Sheen bichir lol

Last FTS for now. This tank really is looking legitimate now.

All is doing nicely here.

Really liking my H corymbosa. Can't wait for it to grow taller cause its already getting some reds in it.

My Rubin hiding behind my Banana. The rubin is getting bigger slowly but surely. It shares this space with my H. 'Brown' that will hopefully start doing better soon.

Fish and Blyxa.

Because everyone LOVES these angels it seems :P

Pinnatifidia is looking alright, as is the rest.

Things seem to be getting taller, just a wee bit taller.

Pic sucks, but this is the diffuser I am using. Not quiet working 100%, but thats either due to mineral oil getting to it, or a leak with my check valves. I've got new check valves I need to put in, so it should help a tad. Some co2 is coming out though, so that's always good.

Less sucky pic. Hopefully the Ludwigia species will do well with the co2 right there ontop of them.

Hey, my moss is starting to grow over the mesh :P Hopefully soon it will grow over all of the wood too

Whelp, that's all I have for now. Can't wait to see this when I go home in about a week, see how things have begun to grow. Man, this tank is going to be fun, I would have never thought I'd be doing something like this 6 years ago when I started this tank and was just concerned with monster fish. Now, I can have monster fish AND monster plants :P

We need more monster plants around here I think lol. And I'm going to make this tank a jungle, a very tall, dense, jungle. I feel that is a nice thing to do with large fish, since small fish would get lost in the tangle and large fish would make a tank filled with short and small plants just look odd (Though I still wanna Iwagumi with an arrowana one day :P)

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