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Originally Posted by CuriousAmerican View Post
Okay, it not IKEA, what?

I want a piece of furniture to hold my aquarium, about 10 gallon. Not a piece of pressboard that you get at Petsmart.

I think you could probably find something at IKEA that would work fine for a 10 gallon - I just wouldn't go there looking for something to put a 29 or 55 gallon on.

I'm also partial to DIY stands, partially because a few inexpensive 2x4s can support a ridiculous amount of weight if they are assembled properly. But, I understand that not everyone has the capability/tools/space to build their own stand, and even so, some people just don't want to, and that's fine.

Also like Silmarwen said, check places that carry inexpensive used furniture. Especially if you can find something that was once used in a college dorm, hotel, or some other institution, they tend to be built pretty sturdy.

Otherwise, just find something that seems pretty sturdy and about the right height, and make sure the vertical supports are either directly under where the tank frame will be, or are very close to it.

Also, if you do find something you really like, but doubt it's ability to support the weight, you may be able to add some reinforcement with 1x3s inside so that it's out of sight. You would just have to be very careful with the measurements and such.
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