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Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
Thanks - I'll stick to putting it behind my Mattenfilters.

Any opinions on what is better - pumice stone or lava rock? I would think the lava rock, having larger "pores", would collect mulm & detritus more easily. But lava rock leaches iron (desirable to me) into the water as I understand it, so I would still use it to tie my anubias and java ferns to (or perhaps it contains iron that the roots can access - I can't remember).

So I will put pumice stone in the filters, and lava rock attached to water column feeding plants. Sounds good?
Well though pumice stone is volcanic, it's just another form of volcanic rock, that makes it different in mineral make up, and how it was formed then what we typically think of with the other lava rock which is more red in color. Pumice stone in the filter yeah, red lava rock in the tank, sure. I know a lot of people will even put the red lava rock in their media baskets in their canisters. But i think i red somewhere once if your co2 injecting, it can make the lava rock leach a lot of iron out. Maybe something to check into on how much that is.

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