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Originally Posted by lauraleellbp View Post
Could you post some pictures?

Are your T5 bulbs NO or HO? (Actually I'm really confused about your lighting... what's an "accent light"?)

How long is your photoperiod?

How often do you dose which of those ferts you posted?

How long has your tank been running, and what's it stocked with?
Sorry I didn't mean to confuse anyone. I'm reading more into this and I'm wondering if I'm not cut out for plants. I've seen many tanks where dosing and mineral content and all that stuff wasn't really a necessity I'm using stater plants and thought I could just dose them with every water change which for me is sometimes twice a week. Anyway, its not really an accent light it is just an extra little 18" red bulb to add some color as the t5 lights I have are really to green. The are just regular t5 lights not the HO. Actually I take that back one might be cause it isn't the one that came with it.

Stocking of the fish or plants. I only have like 3 plants. I don't know the names but I will post pictures when I get home.
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