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i've been doing some research myself

do NOT be fooled into thinking a 1 inch drain line is enough. OVERSIZE
look up. myth of the one inch beats on google
and also bulkhead flow rates
wetwebmedia has some good writeups. AND i've found they are true. my overflow is sooooo much louder on my 75 gallon UNTIL i get the flow rates down to around the 300 gph range. same as my 29 gallon
this can be done with ball valve or by swapping pumps..
not only that but its killing my co2 consumption
so ima shoot for a 1.5 inch drain which should allow for a safe gravity siphon, with low noise, and less air actually being forced into my sump.. should result in less co2 loss, less, noise, and the same oxygenation benefits

i throttled back the 29 about 50 gph so that the line doesn't suck in tons of air, my co2 consumption dropped in HALF so, when ur building. GO BIG ON DRAIN LINES
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