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Yeah I think thats what he meant. If using a diy overflow the T off the rise of the low U would be where the high U is in that pic.

After looking at the various styles of overflow, I think beananimal's provides the most peace of mind and would probably work for what im trying to achieve. The overflow wouldnt be very large and could be easily disguised or just framed out of sight if the tank ends up being in wall. A small price to pay for keeping a couple hundred gallons of water off the floor. As long as the tank isnt too tall, I could use a Calflo style overflow, but have it spanning the width instead of the length. The tank will likely be 72x30x18? Not sure on height yet but it wont be extremely deep and that much width should give a good amount of pull. I could always design the interior to have a lower flow area like a pool on that side. I know thats a complete 360 from the original idea but it will be a lot safer and probably easier. Not too mention quiet.

Guess I should have listened to blazingwolf in the first place lol
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