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Okay, here's a quick drawing of what I'm hoping for the tank, so ya'll have a reference point when I fail miserably.

The I'll actually have the rocks more towards the back and wider than I have pictured there. I'm hoping to build a nice central citadel, partially for looks, and partially because in my 29g I have this:

And my Silver tipped shark spends all day circling the bottom, and my raphael catfish spends all day tucked up in the top, and I think they will appreciate something similar in the new tank.

The rocks will be moss covered, and there will be grass leading up to the rocks. From there I'm planning to do half a tank of green plants and half non-green. There will be just enough room behind the rocks to plant some tall background plants, and they will extend into the corners. Then aside of the rocks and coming towards the front will be some midground plants, and finally up in front will be some low plants. Something like red tiger lotus will be planted right next to the carpeting to hopefully sprout leaves over the grass and make a nice color transition in front between the two halves of the tank.

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29g Journal:
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