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Originally Posted by CuriousAmerican View Post
Okay, it not IKEA, what?

I want a piece of furniture to hold my aquarium, about 10 gallon. Not a piece of pressboard that you get at Petsmart.
I was in both CostCo and HomeDepot yesterday. I saw several bathroom sink vanities that could be used for an Aquarium stand. You could replace the sink with a pc of hardwood plywood or depending on design and your taste just leave the sink in place. Home Depot has a discontinued mark down area in most stores.

Another place to look is a store chain "World Market" they have some nice real wood end tables, small book cases that could work.

The only thing new retail that is Cheap co$t will be Cheap built.

If you are willing to refinish or paint try Goodwill shops or garage sales.
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