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Originally Posted by Gooberfish View Post
So I currently have a tall 20g that is heavily planted. I have 2 ottos, & 9 glowlight tetras and am in the market for adding either another small school of small fish, OR a small angelfish OR a pair of german blue rams.

I have no solution for when the angelfish outgrows the tank but they're so dang gorgeous.

I've heard GBR can be aggressive but if there's 1 male and 1 female would that keep them from harassing the glowlights?

Any input on this matter would be most helpful
When the GBR start to breed is when they get nasty.

They are a nice center peace fish that keeps schools together. Ive had them in with Neon Tetras before with no issue until they started to spawn.. They claimed one section of the tank to them self. As long as the neons did not venture into that area, they where good.
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