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Before saying anything....WHAT IS THIS?
As I believe I've mentioned before, this tank is a dirted tank, and I used a bit of topsoil to get it started, alongside organic potting soil. I guess there were some earthworms in the topsoil, but I thought I got them all out. Only thing I can think of is that some eggs hatched or something. However, what I find odd is the fact that this thing could live underwater....since this has been set up like this since december...and I found this in mid january.......

Anyways, onto the tank itself :P

I forget what's been added since my last update (these pics are everything I have up until the present from whenever my last update was) so I'll just post the stocklist again.

Current Fish/Inverts
• Corydoras pygmaeus – “Pygmy Cory” x12
• Otocinclus sp. – “Oto” x3
• Neocaridina heteropoda – “Blue Velvet Rili” x#
• Physa sp. – “Pond Snail” x#
• Planorbis rubrum – “Ramshorn Snail” x#
Current Plants
o Foreground
• Hemianthus callitrichoides- “Dwarf Baby Tears”
• Hydrocotyle tripartita – “H. ‘Japan’”
• Lobelia cardinalis – “Dwarf Cardinal”
• Echinodorus parviflorus – “Tropica Sword”
• Rotala sp. ‘Pearl’
• Ammania sp. ‘Bonsai’
o Mid-ground
• Rotala sp. ‘Colorata’
• Sagittaria subulata - “Dwarf Sag”
• Ludwigia sp. ‘Atlantis’
• Egeria najas – “Narrow Leaf Elodea”
o Background
• Cryptocoryne wendtii - “Red/Brown Crypt”
• Rotala sp. ‘Mini Butterfly’
• Cabomba caroliniana – “Green Cabomba”
• Cabomba furcata - “Red Cabomba”
• Nymphaea zenkeri - “Red Tiger Lotus”
• Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Tornado’
o None Substrate
• Hardscape
 Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Pink’ (Until it is big enough to put in 75 or sell)
 Microsorum pteropus – “Java Fern”
 Vesicularia montagnie – “Xmas Moss”removed
 Subwassertang sp. – “Round Pellia”

This showcases the one problem i have with E. najas.....its such a weed and it gets under a week a single stem reaches more than halfway across the tank. It also does not like to branch out unless it is really shown in later pics I'm going to try and tame this beast and keep it towards the back behind the driftwood where it can do w/e it pleases.

The cabomba had to be trimmed badly...that was even BEFORE I got my co2 running....I'm going to probably end up replacing it mostly with L. 'tornado' or something else....preferably something bushy that doesn't grow super fast. The pelia looks a little silly, but I'm hoping I can get it to cover that rock fully....and maybe even eventually get it on the big rock behind that one as well. L. Atlantis is, of course, not wanting to grow straight....but man that thing stems hard for me in this tank....I'm going to have plenty of this plant around :P

Running co2 (finally). I might eventually get a different diffuser, but this is fine for now. That R. colorata is going to grow massive though, since a ton of bubbles are going directly onto this plant.....I guess that's a good thing though lol. If it grows to quickly for my liking, I'll try and replace it with R. sunset (because at least if I have that growing out of my ears I can probably find more people interested in it)

HC going to eventually start spreading. I couldn't really bother with a dry start, but I feel like it will still do well since I started with submersed plants anyways. Also, the dwarf cardinal plant seems to be doing fine. Going to get that growing nice and bushy soon I hope :P

All the Atlantis offshoots.

I like my otocinclus. But I need more....5 more would be nice :P. Although, I might just also put these 3 in my 5.5 and get some hillstream loaches for this tank instead...besides, that 5.5 has a lot of hair algae that I think the oto's might like (and I'd LOVE to get rid of)

Blue Velvet shrimp :P Getting a single berried female seems to have paid off, cause now I have a good number of these guys chillin in this tank :P. I should get more though, just for genetic diversity, and I might also wanna get a second shrimp species breeding in here as well, maybe CRS. Also, R. Butterfly should prove to be a nice plant, seems to like branching out for me as well....we shall see what this does for me.

This is where more recent stuff comes in. Looks more or less the same, but trimmed up a bit.

Moved that almond leaf off of my R. pearl and A. bonsai. Gotta let these propegate more and get a nice row of both going on. Probably going to let these move in on where the E. najas is now and move the E. najas towards the back more.

Oh hi L. atlantis offshoots. You seem to be doing swell.

Pretty much the same as the pic of this area before.

Who was interested in L. meeboldi 'Pink'? I took this bit off from the main plant in my 75 and am letting it grow up a bit in this tank since I can get it to stay more in one place than I can in my 75. From what I can tell, this plant should be a relatively quick grower, and it gets BIG. I'm definitely looking forwards to spreading this plant throughout this forum :P

My crypts are doing too well in this tank. I think I need to start thinning this out lol. This is what dirt lets you do for your plants :P I'm not even dosing anything yet on this tank.....doesn't really look like I need to lol

I cut this in half so I now have 2 stems. I hope it branches out for me and propagates well....cause I would LOVE to make a jungle out of this plant. Bonus points if it gets red tops too. When I first say this plant online, I thought it was bleh, but now that I have it myself, it does look pretty sweet. Definitely a great plant for filling in spaces with condense thick leafs.

I still gotta deal with fish for this tank, but I'm back at school now, so that will have to wait until the spring. Hopefully I can visit frank's aquarium and get some sweet nano fish :P. And hopefully I can pay for said fish via selling plants from this tank and my other tanks haha.

I'm going to replace the check valves on my co2 system as well, since I got atomic check valves from GLA recently. I also want to refill the bubble counter, since it now has water in it since it came in from the tank after the mineral oil got blown into the tank -_-

I'll keep you guys posted on this tanks progress. Hopefully this will look nicer once I can start trimming this tank up.

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