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Originally Posted by HD Blazingwolf View Post
this defeats the purpose of the siphon break he is trying to install

but yes u still have to have a priming method,, i actually have two aqualifters.. one on a 29 gallon, one on a 75 gallon. they are fine as long as u use the prefilter AND check weekly for snaills, or debris cloging input/ output holes. if my overflow has bubbles accumulating, its because a baby snail crawled down the airtube and got stuck at the barb for the prefilter. a toothpick fixes this
Ha! - thanx, that wasn't something I had considered, so I'll keep that in mind if I ever do use them.

Originally Posted by HD Blazingwolf View Post
check this picture and see if i am understanding what ur trying to do
-You might want to have a similar raised portion for the return, to prevent water back flowing and draining the tank (or use a check valve, or something similar)
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