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LED Lighting for Low Tech 125 Gallon

Hi Everyone,

So, I have two low tech aquariums Set up. One is 10 gallons and the other is 29 gallons. Both have been running for quite some time without much in the way of trouble. I am wanting to get my 125 gallon up and going and the first thing I am wanting to buy is the light. I want to stay low tech and to go the LED route. So, if I'm reading this chart correctly, I should look into two 36" Finnex RAY II-DS fixtures.

Tank dimensions are 72x18x21
I would suspend the light fixtures a little above the aquarium to get close to the 24" height, and it looks like it stays within the target range (40-ish PAR) as far as front to back spread goes (center of the tank with 9" on either side).

Is my thinking correct? Thanks for any input.

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