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Originally Posted by LyzzaRyzz View Post
RANT: I have such a crazy headache from my bedside tank. Ive got 8ppm ammonia, which from my thread, ive gathered is actually ammonium, and non harmful. But how did i get the ammonium, when i was showing ammonia last week? Im so confused, and frustrated, im about to throw the damned thing out the window.
Theres so much crap going on in my life right now, my tanks are pretty much the only thing keeping me going.
I just want safe readings and to not have to go and buy a 'free ammonia' test kit.

*sigh* I feel like crying right now.
Ammonia and ammonium both show on most chem kits. Don't stress over it, at one point I had over 10ppm ammonium with DISCUS and had no signs of stress at all. If you're really worried throw some prime in, otherwise just sit back and wait for it to be broken down, it's doing no harm!
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