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Man, I was just coming on line to share a tale of misery but you got me beat. Here's hoping all the tank inhabitants pull thru and repairs aren't as extensive as they first appear.

And since misery shared is halved...

Decided to clean my 37g's practically brand new eheim filter tonight--bought just 3 months ago. Had gotten it cleaned and refilled, turned to carry it back to the tank and tripped over my cat. The canister went flying, hit the floor just wrong cracking one side of the handle clear off the canister and putting a crack in the body rim. Pulled the smaller eheim this one replaced out of storage figuring I could move some of the media over using the new top on the old body---only to have the damn handle break on the old one while trying to get everything hooked up.

Frustration trumps cost: ordered a whole new unit and paid thru the nose to get it here by friday. Meanwhile I have a spare HOB filter shoved full of filter pads and the rest of the media in a holding bucket to keep things running till the new unit shows up. Then I'm going to hunt for a replacement body piece to go with the still functioning head so I can have a reliable backup ready to go as needed next time disaster strikes!
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