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Additionally, Ive been reading, and sometimes water companies add chrolamine to water instead of chlorine, which is basically chlorine and ammonia togethger? Thats what im getting.
The dechlor i use is API Super strength, and it clames to remove chlorine and says nothing about ammonia, so it shouldent turn the ammonia to ammonium.
Its the only think it put in the tank besides ferts, which are flourish comprehensive supplement, and osmocote tabs int he gravel.
When there was still MGO in the tank, i did add a small bag of Ammo-Carb to the filter, but the next day i decided to redo the substrate, so i removed the little bag. There is no ammocarb in the tank now. I read that the ammo carb works but turning the ammonia to ammonium, but if theres none left in the tank, how do i still have ammonium?
How do i get rid of this?

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