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Originally Posted by LyzzaRyzz View Post
My temp is 76 and my ph is 6.4 Kh is about 2-3 drops and gh is about 1 drop. What does PH have to do with ammonia? I dont think ive ever heard of them being related..KH and GH yes, but not PH.
How do i get rid of this ammonium? How does ammonia turn into this?
Are there test kits for specifically NH3?

Dont i not want to raise my PH cause the fish all do well in low PH?
Im entirely confused!
at this point i would not mess with the PH and KH, rasing the KH will results in higher PH and you will kill all your fish, as i said before once the temp and Ph goes up, all your fishes will be dead.

in low kh and Ph ammonia is converted into NH4 instead of NH3, plant use NH4, if you have many plants in the tank they will benefit from it.

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