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Exclamation Ridiculously high ammonis, fish acting fine, new test kit..whats going on?!

So, i have a standard 15 gallon, gravel substrate, osmocote caps deep in the gravel.
I just redid the substrate, i did have MGOPM capped with sand, but my ammonia was too high, reading .25 to .50, so i was doing daily wc's. The reason wqas i rescaped too much and brought the mix to the surface, where it leached ammonia.
I could tell when i needed to do a wc, cause the fish would race the walls. After the wc they would stop, until the levels rose again. It was too much, so i decided to go with what i considered a easier alternative.
I bought a large back of black gravel, and i emptied the entire tank, and re did it all. The filter media is all the same, so there was bacteria left, and i added my two adf and 5 least killis back into the tank. Everything seemed much better, no racing, the fish actually started to court each other, and play, acting normally, though staying in the back of the tank, and only occasionally coming out inthe open. I added five guppy fry, about two weeks old, and this helped bring the least killies out.
At this point, i wasnt testing the tank, cause i was running out of ammonia solution, and i figured it would be okay, but decided to test it anyways. It tested over 8PPM!!
I figured it had to be wrong, cause theres no way the fish would be acting normal. They would be belly up and myfrogs legs would be burning off. They freak at .25PPM, 8 would surely be death.
I ordered another test kit, and while waiting, a recieved my fish shipment, 6x sparkling gouramis, and 6x celestial pearl danios. My least killies, adf and the few shrimp i had in there were acting fine, so i added them to the tank. Everybody acclimated well, even the CPD who was stuck in a fold of the bag, during shipping, i received him that way, survived, even though i was sure he wasn't going to make it.
I received my test kit about two hours ago, and i tested all of my tanks, and ammonia readings were all great for the rest of my tanks, but this one. Again it read about 8ppm!!! I ren a second test, with on eof the new tubes, i thought maybe something was wrong with one of my old tubes, but nope, again, 8ppm.
All of the fish and frogs seem healthy, acting normal, no racing the glass, no abnormal anything. There is one thing, one of the gourami has a spot..a patch on her side that looks to be plaer than the rest of her, like she has no spots in that area.
Heres a vid of her:

Im not sure whether this was there when i got her, i tried to study them, but they would freak out whenever i got close to the container they were in, so i left em alone, to try not to stress them anymore.
I did just get them yesterday, though. Im not sure whether i should remove her, or let her be?

Anyways, the ammonia in the tank cannot be at 8ppm. And this is a new test kit, and the other tanks tested fine. What could be causing this? I am completely baffled!
I just did a 20% wc....
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