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The Salty Bee gH+ mineral stuff is great, or Speedy recommends African Cichlid stuff, Mosura ultraplus, there are tonnes of them and everyone will says there choice works for them.

Buffering substrate is still the best it seems for CRS/TB's, and the easiest way to get a low pH.

I'm trying my experiment right now with no active substrate, and just RO water mineralized to the proper gH/TDS, etc, but I don't recommend everyone run out and take $500 worth of crystals and throw them in a tank with no active substrate and a pH of 7. That's my own testing, but certainly not something I'd say, go ahead, do it. lol. Maybe in a year, I'll find it works good and the shrimp have adapted to the water and I have hundreds , or I'll have dismal baby results and go back to active substrate, I don't know. So far, so good, I can see babies around the tank, everyone is berried, active, no deaths, but time will tell in a year when I see how many shrimp I have and before I call it a success.

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