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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
Prazi pro is for internal parasites, I am looking now to see if it is specific for Camillanus.
... seems it is not.

Levamisole will work.

Fenbendazole will work.

"Camillanus is easily recognized as a small thread-like worm protruding from the anus of the fish. Control of this nematode in non-food fish is with fenbendazole, a common antihelminthic. Fenbendazole can be mixed with fish food (using gelatin as a binder) at a rate of 0.25% for treatment. It should be fed for three days, and repeated in three weeks."
I had this problem two years ago, and again a year ago. Ordered from Charles on and had a great experience. Killed those nasty little buggers once and for all. I cannot stress enough how essential Levamisole is in treating these bastards (including the worms in their other various lifecycles). Make sure that you follow the directions for dosing correctly and don't skimp out on the gravel siphon and repeat treatments. My understanding from my previous research is that the larvae stage of the worm is not killed by the drug, but rather paralyzed and sent to the bottom of the tank.
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