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Originally Posted by Hawkian View Post
All right thanks for that.

Obviously the plants I have in there are all new so right now it's difficult to tell if they are in need of anything because they all still look pretty good

I'm only trying to anticipate what comes... if it comes.
What plants do you have and what light level are you at?

Keep an eye on them is there are no signs of deficiency then no need to fertilize get a bottle of excel and double dose when you start seeing algae as long as there are no fish in the tank Iím not sure how double dosing excel will affect the fish
I wouldn't recommend dosing excel unless your plants are in need of CO2 and you can't do DIY or pressurized. Excel will melt some plants (and is definitely harmful to livestocks in large amounts) and while spot treating bad algae breakouts or something like bba to thin it out is a good idea, it's better to fix the root of the problem instead of just dumping chemicals in your tank.
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