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Originally Posted by R.sok View Post
Yikes this thing is a carnivore? I probably should of expressed concern sooner, the stuff is tangled everywhere, luckily it pulls off the plants leaves pretty easily, well except for my moss this will be difficult
Yes but they are harmless. They are like bladderworth. PITA to remove from your tank. If you have a small piece in the tank, they will survive and grow. Usually trapped in extremely hard places to find. I had to throw away plants are contaminated to get rid of them. I have been fight this for 3 years in my tank. I think I finally got rid of it by removing all plants that had it. Usually you have two solutions: 1st meticuleously remove it and keep it until it is all gone... double check... triple check... and recheck or redo your tank by totally breaking it down. I would've break down my tank except it is 180gal... too much PITA. Good Luck!
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