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Originally Posted by LyzzaRyzz View Post
How fast do these guys grow? I had ACF before, labeled as ADF, but the two i bought never grew. They were both females, and stayed 2 inches long for the next two years, when i rehomed them. is size a good indicator for age? I know with some fish species, temperature, feeding, and tank conditions has alot to do with how fast they grow rather than how old they are. Im not sure if ADF are the same way.
ADF's shouldn't get over 1.5 inches in their life, when I bought mine they were very small, maybe a half inch.

Are you sure they were ACF's? I have three of those around a year old and mine hit two inches in the first three months. My females is around 5" now, the males both around 4". Females also get larger than the males.

As for food, I fed mine frozen bloodworms on occasion but mostly HBH (or zoomed) frog and tadpole bites, they're cheap and work well. They sink and the frogs have no problem finding them.
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