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Originally Posted by Jaques View Post
Sure, this one looks cool. It seems to be well put together. If I had a square rimless tank this would def. be a good choice for it. The only thing I would be afraid of are the wheels. They must have used junky materials to build them.
Yes, I was worried about the wheels. But even with 160 pounds of water and 50 pounds of live rock, it didn't so much as jiggle. My initial test for it was to stand on it -- I'm only 112 pounds, but I assumed that if I could stand on it and shake it around and it didn't fall apart then it would hold a small tank (by the way, a 25-gal cube fit perfectly on it I think with just a little bit of overhang (1-2 inches) on each side.

Anyway, that tank is gone, but the stand is now in my kitchen holding dog food, pots, pans, etc... and still going strong!
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