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So today I finally saw my Kribs eat they don't care for spirulina flake or new life spectrum pellets but they love frozen brine shrimp! The male still doesn't leave the cave tho, idk what his deal is :/ he just sticks his mouth out and eats not even his whole head. And I checked my parameters today since I just bought a test kit. PH 7.8, amm .25ppm, nitrite .25ppm, and nitrates 10ppm. I'm confused about my PH tho I raised it to 8.2 with baking soda to get to double the GH and KH I wanted then cut half the water with RO water which should have a PH of 7 or 6.8. So I figure halfway between 8.2 and 7 would be 7.4-7.6 why is my PH still high? My natural PH is 7.8
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