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keep it simple

In our experience, a ten gallon tank is too small for a healthy school of Ottocinclus; we tried different school sizes, and a school of 8-12 is too small; besides, 12 ottocinclus cats in a ten gallon: that's too many! Nice plant plan, but maybe add something else that's a fast grower like java moss, or elodea?

With the various anubias you have planned, that driftwood piece will be stunning!

Our best solution for the various algae disasters we've had; both in our 10-gallon, and 28-gallon; has been T-5 lighting, CO2, frequent water changes, Tom Barr's Estimative Index fertilization methodology, java moss, elodea, and cherry red shrimp; java moss and elodea grow fast, and java moss makes a great place for cherry red shrimp to reproduce, so they can clean our tank; plus, our rapidly growing plant life removes a lot of fish waste, nitrates, etc.: all stuff that algae likes.

Good luck!'s about the fish.

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