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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post
Great find!!!

Subscribed too! I am thinking of upgrading my 55g to a 75g, so I am really interested in how you are going to be setting up and scaping!

Good Luck!
I have a definite picture in my head, but as a plant newb it will be a big challenge to see if I can actually pull it off.

shamb, the gel caps are to be filled with the fertilizer to be used in the place of the tabs you stick in the substrate to help feed plants. You can buy 40 seachem tabs for about $20, whereas 1000 gel caps and enough fert to till them cost me $25. Probably filled at least a hundred caps last night while watching The Daily Show and Colbert Report.

Will post pictures later and update pricing later, but today I bought the foam and have cut it and taped it together and have a nice bit of foam to help my tank settle evenly. I also bought some shims to level off the stand. Finally, the glass that came with the tank doesn't have hinges, so I bought some stripping and heavy duct tape and will be making my own hinges.

75g Journal:
29g Journal:
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