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I think the driftwood looks really good like that, but it wouldn't hurt to experiment. Your setup sounds great equipment-wise. If your going to dose ferts and use C02, you might upgrade your lighting. I have a similar setup 10 gal with crypts and anubias with the same lighting, no C02. They grow relatively slow, which is fine for me as it's low maintenance. I know when I bought my CFL's at Big Lots, there were 23 watt 6500k CFL's as well as the 13 watt. Not sure if that will overload a stock fixture, I doubt it. My tank is mostly Crypt Wendtii green, and red Crypts. Some of them have grown pretty tall over time, with the leaves reaching the top of the tank and overhanging a bit. I like the look this way, but my advice is not to plant them in the front as they may get in the way once they mature. So, a tallish background plant, then crypts, and some small species in the front. Definitely add shrimp and otos once you get everything going, they are perfect planted tank inhabitants. Good Luck!
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