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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post

Your tank is looking very good!!! The Gloso is spreading very well and the crypts are sweet!!!
Thank you, it really means a lot to me! I worked hard to get these results.

As for the skimmer, I only use it for about 10 minutes in the morning to clear things up for the rest of the day, then I take the cup out or else it will start to fall apart (it's paper). It is not a permanent piece of equipment.

Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post
p.s. Are your lights HO(high output) or Normal output? I am asking because I have a 29g that was given to me, and since you are getting great gloso growth with your light setup, I was wondering! Thanks

Just kidding
My light fixture is a Hagen Glo 36 inch Dual-bulb T5HO fixture with the bulbs being Giesemann Aquaflora and Midday both being 39 watts.

This is where all my light problems came to an end:

Thank you Hoppy!!!

There is a chart that shows the PAR measurements of common fixtures, which is what I used to pick my light. It may not seem like it but my tank is considered a "low light tank" according to the chart. I don't have enough experience to say too much about why I am getting good growth, but I have to say when I got my CO2 down and started sticking to a good fertilizer regime lots of things were fixed. Good luck on that 29g!!!!

I might halt the rotalas for a while since we are getting a dog; things are gonna get hectic here

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