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Why thanks much Drew, those are some mighty kind words.

It is just "general use" sand. I agree, at first I was disappointed as I was going for a more stylized look - but the lighter sand has ended up looking quite natural and I like it.

I'm running a Via Aqua 1800 as the return - dialed back a bit.

The eggs are doing well - 4/5 of them appear to be fertilized and are still yellow with little dark dots. Mom is doing a great job, tirelessly hovering over the rock and cleaning the general area. She's digging a small cave/recess in the sand just behind the rock. Dad's a beast and is keeping quite the perimeter. Occasionally they'll swap spots so that she can go grab a bite to eat. All said - I'm not prepared to take care of the fry, but may set something up if this happens repeatedly.

Also, one of the "whisker" shrimp is quite pregnant with a neon green batch of eggs. The young will have a larval stage, unlike many dwarf shrimp - not sure how they'll fare but I've got my fingers crossed.

Thanks again,
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