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Originally Posted by wabisabi View Post

Yes, my goal is to grow healthy plants. But also to bring out all the beauty the plant has to offer as well. There's no denying that some red plants just have a certain 'WOW' factor. If you can grow healthy vibrant red plants, then why not have your cake and eat it too?

Interesting..... I'm really looking for a commercially available premade fixture though. The thing stopping me from taking the plunge with LED's is that I haven't seen a tank running them growing nice red plants.
Like the other poster said. You really need a mixture of different color leds. so that the CRI and kelvin temperature is very close to 100 and between 5500-5900k. It is doable by going the diy route. You can use the diy app at I played around with it and was able to create a light source with a CRI of 98 and Kelvin temperature of 5500-5900. I suspect that incorporating a yellow led it might bring that CRI to 100. There is a thread by a member using a fixture by that company. The thread contains photos of her planted tank.
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