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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post

You have done a FREAKIN' AWESOME JOB on your aquarium!!!!

The journal is only 9 days old, but how long has the tank been actually setup? Your shrimp look very happy, but I would listen to the shrimp people here, as I have never kept any fancy shrimp, yet!

I am looking forward to watching this tank mature!!!

Thank you Drew! I've had a look through your 7 page journal. Love how it's come along. Reminds me of a lake I went to years ago.

Yes, the journal is only 9 days old, however I set it up about 7 weeks ago, just before Christmas. Did the whole fish-less cycle thing. I did have some different plants in there, but I didn't understand their needs very well and some of them didn't do too great. I sort of know the basics in terms of which plants need less light hence the low light plants in shady areas now.

It's still a work in progress in terms of planting as I still have no clue. I'm even contemplating co2 but it's too scary for me now. I should have a minor update roughly about this weekend, so stay tuned!
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