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Originally Posted by awcoburn2 View Post
Awesome looking tank. I think cardinal shrimp are just so striking.

Do your celestial pearl danios (or galaxy rasboras) hide a lot? Mine tend to be a bit show, but I'm hoping they show off more as my plants grow in.
Yes they are beautiful little things. Although I recently found out from a fellow member that my water conditions may not be ideal to keep them. The little guy has been doing great so far. I'm just dreading to wake up one day with him on his back and all his little legs are up in the air.

When I did purchase him from the LFS the girl did put the two shrimps separate bags as their water parameters were very different. She did make it sound like if he initially makes it then there is no reason he won't survive in the long run. And there I thought I could finally put my feet up. Guess the work isn't over just yet.

Regarding the galaxies, yes, they do hide. A lot! So much so when someone comes around they think there's no fish in the tank until they poke their little heads out and they say "Oooh look! Fishies!" They only tend to come out during feeding time. They dart out, eat, then hide again!
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