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Just a quick update. I've been somewhat neglecting the land part of the terrarium, but I've noticed a great surprise. One of the tillandsias went into blush, meaning it's gaining a lot of colors and will hopefully bloom soon. Not only is it really nice to look at, it also made me realize there isn't any single focal point in the tank. Nothing brightly colored to stand out from the mass of green...Also the tilly that was blooming when I first got it (one in the second shipment) is just beginning to grow a pup! At the moment it's too small to show well, but I'm being really pleasantly surprised at how fast these plants grow and change.

Speaking of growth, that pilea is already growing fast! I'm running out of places to put my tillies that won't shade the pilea, but also keep them away from the moisture in the pots. I'm considering adding a nice large piece of wood or two, if I can find some that would work. I want to add add more mounting places, and also have a piece coming out of/going into the water to tie everything together. Thoughts?

In the aquatic side I'm getting great growth from the plants, and the dwarf sag is growing very long. I do rather like the look though, I'm after something similar to Newman's shrimp bowl. I pulled out 25 babies over the weekend, plus the uncle shrimp, and really I think there's at least 10-15 more babies in there. I think pulling them out is going to help everyone be a bit happier. I moved the babies to the other 5 gallon, where they seem to be doing well. I did notice that a couple of the babies did have a blueish tint to I already be seeing an effect of the selective breeding after just one generation? (or maybe I'm blind and crazy, hahaha)
Sorry for the dirty glass, but you can see the difference from last week

shrimp being moved out
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