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I have used the air line trick before in a Terrarium before, but I would have NEVER thought to do it in a aquarium like you did!!! Hats off to you!!! The planting of the stumps is looking VERY GOOD TOO!!! The layout of the tank it self is PERFECT!!! It looks VERY NATURAL!!! Honestly it looks just like a area that I swam in when I was a kid called Crappie Island on Ceder Creek Lake in North Central Texas!!! The fish are a bit different, but everything is spot on!

I was wondering what pump you have running the sump? Also is that just Play Sand? You mentioned looking for black sand on the cheep, but I really think the black sand would throw off the very natural look!!! Sure the fish's color would pop a bit more, IMO it is prefect the way it is!!! Also what is the Gatorade bottle for in post #59?

Those Rasboras are Good looking too! I can't tell if they are true Espei or a cross with Harlequin, but they are Pretty either way. With the pic of the rams in post #59 I was thinking that they sure look like they are fixing to spawn!! LOL How are the eggs doing? Rams are some of my FAVORITE Fish!!!

Well keep up the AWESOME WORK, and I am subscribed too!
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