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Tank is looking GOOD!!!

The plants are really coming along! I will be interested in watching it grow in! I have a 40B as well, but sadly it has been sitting in my Kitchen floor for a long while holding plants from my 55g rescape, BUT I have $ now to build a stand and buy plants!!!

Sorry about your Daughters problem, but it sounds like the Dr.s have the solution worked out! Surgery can sound and be VERY SCARY!!! I have had 5 spinal surgeries, and before my first one , I was 25 years old, I was scared to death! But Medicine has come along so much, even the once terrible surgeries are so much safer now! 12 years and 4 surgeries later, I have learned to trust the Doctors, and have FAITH!!! So, keep Your heads up, and trust in God and all will be OK in the end! I am sure all of the members here will be keeping nothing but the best thoughts and prayers for y'all during this trying time!

So keep up the good work on the tank, and Best of Luck in the Job search!!!
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