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Originally Posted by Cinbos View Post
This is what I was dosing for the past month and some change. I have cut it back to 2 days each now.

K2SO4 1/8 tsp
KNO3 1/2 tsp
KH2PO4 1/8 tsp

CSM+B 1/8 tsp

Water Changes

As far as fish load, many of my fish are juveniles and/or small and do not create that much bio load. Also I try my hardest to not over feed. Rarely any food left over on the tanks floor.
For low tech tanks I've found that I only need to dose 1/3 of the nutrients 1 time per week. So instead of doing your whole routine 3xs weekly just do one dose of macros after a water change and do 1 dose of micros the next day and call it good. Test your nitrates at the end of the week to determine whether or not your plants are utilizing most of the N during the week. If you are having algae and your nitrates are high at the end of the week, cut the dosing more. If you have no algae and 0 nitrates (or very low) feel free to dose another day's worth the next week.
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