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Originally Posted by d2mini View Post
Thanks! Is there a preferred GH booster i should look for?
I use my own mix of calcium chloride, epsom salt and potassium sulfate. As far as a shelf bought one, you would have to look at what others are using.

Originally Posted by Cthulhu View Post
Would you only add GH Booster and stay with 0 KH?
I don't ever bother with my KH.

Originally Posted by funkman262 View Post
Why spend money on a GH booster when you can just blend some softened and untreated water?

And by the way, I have really hard water as well but I don't use RO for my planted tank even though I have RO/DI for my reef. Been a while since I've tested for exact measurements but I could check it out and let you know. I think the TDS in my tank is around 650ppm.
I like knowing and having control over exactly what is in the water.
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