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Substrate and plants

I want to change my tanks substrate from gravel to a sandy one to support plants better than gravel does. I am getting a nice light fixture for my 35gal tank. It comes with 4 T5 3900K and two moon led lights as well and has a timer. Want tips for substrates for plants that keep the roots held down nicely, I have a 8inch Pleco and a African Upside Down Catfish who both pull the plants out and eat them very quickly.Fertilizers is not a concern, I have a liquid one. Also a cheap way to do C02, we have a computer from when my dad did coral tanks that reads all the levels. But this is my tank, so I really make $100 a week, so cheap plants and a cheap way to do C02 is wanted. I currently have 12 Amazon swords, 4 are little while 8 are large, and 2 water Lilly bulbs, the African keeps the bulb and plants eaten to the roots, but that should change with the new lights coming. I want to do more plants that look nice and grow quickly to match my fish veracious appetites and are cheap as well. We will be bulding a home made sump real soon, and hopefully get the bio balls going.
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