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General Co2 and Fert dosing questions

I've got a few co2 and general fert related question that I'm hoping I can pose in one thread and get some general direction from you experts out there. Essentially, after 18 months or so of tinkering, I recently changed to a low light setup and got rid of my dirt substrate because I just hated the mess. In my new setup, I mostly have crypts (petchii, wendtii, lutea, and balansae), java fern, red tiger lotus, anubias nana, and some experimental DHG that I started dry while building my stand. Ultimately, my goal is for the light to be the limiting factor and in a perfect world slow growth wouldn't concern me but I do hope to provide healthy growth. With that in mind, some of my questions are as follows:

-Do all plants generally require the same nutrients, or can I tailor to my specific plant needs? For instance, I've started to get hooked on crypt species, and we be ok with tailoring to their specific needs if those needs do in fact exist. If it can be tailored, does anyone have any good resources for learning more?

-Concerning co2, the general consensus I've observed seems to be that some is better than none regardless of light levels. Is there a general consensus as to liquid carbon products compared to full blown co2 injection? More specifically, does one method provide something that the other does not?

I guess in the end, I'm open to and interested in learning more about providing for my plants, but I don't want to just throw a bunch of stuff in my water for the sake of it.
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