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Question Question about algae on plants

Tank specs: 30g heavily planted tank w/ HOB filter (Aquaclear 70), root tabs, Aqueon full spectrum bulb. Lights are on about 8 to 10 hrs/ day. Pretty low-tech.

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The problem I'm having is algae growing on the top part of my Ulvaceus' leaves. I've only had the tank up maybe 1.5 to 2 months and the Ulvaceus grew A LOT faster than anticipated. Leaves are reaching the top of the tank (and blocking a lot of light from other plants...again unexpected). Is there a way to remove algae other than snipping off the infected leaves? Is it too late to move the Ulvaceus so it's not blocking light from the other plants? I searched for related articles but couldn't find much that was useful. The Ulvaceus is on the opposite end of the tank from the HOB...would it help to have it closer to it (for increased oxygen on its leaves to reduce algae)? First planted tank, any help appreciated.

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